Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cheeseburgers and other morons....

Those of you who don't want to listen to another rant about Governor Cheeseburger, I suggest you stop reading now................................................

Dear Governor Cheeseburger and the morons at SPO,

Your justification for the 400 15% pay raises sucks ass. MOST peon state employees (you know, the little people who actually do the work) have been "filling in" for several positions for years now because you put out a hiring freeze. Where is our 15 % raise? Heck, maybe you could just not furlough us. That would at least be a start.

Ms. Perez at SPO, you are an idiot. I think you should be more worried about the little people at the end of the line walking out. Let's just think about that. All the teachers, probation and parole, corrections officer and other vital staff, CYFD, and HSD, walk out because we are sick of you all screwing us. Then what? Well it is happening. Slowly, but it is happening. Just take a look at all the officers you have lost at Western recently.

My only hope is that I am around when all that Karma comes back around and shits on you.


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